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Driving Directions...

The Language and Development Lab, at the University of California San Diego, is interested in  how children learn language and develop an understanding of objects and events in the world.

baby appleParents:

Please visit our
Parents' Page
for information on participating in our studies. We're always looking to discover new "collaborators", from newborns all the way to 10 years of age. 
Visit our Volunteer page for more information about participating in our adult studies or volunteering in the lab.
Lab meeting
Click here for a schedule of coming Developmental Lunch talks open to the UCSD community.
Job opportunities:
Please visit our
Job Announcement page for more information about job opportunities.
Give Now
Give: Our research is driven by the hard work of dedicated students who hope to pursue careers in science. With your help, the Developmental Science Graduate Training Fund will support students during summer months and finance travel to professional conferences where students can showcase their work to other scientists.